Jonathan Hoggatt

Jonathan Hoggatt (’01) has dedicated his career to the health industry, first in academia and then in industry.  Hoggatt is currently the Director of Hematology at Moderna, Inc., a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hoggatt’s academic research at Indiana University and in the Hoggatt Lab at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute focused on making bone marrow stem cell transplants faster, safer, cheaper and better. To that end he co-founded Magenta Therapeutics in 2016, which is clinically developing a new method of bone marrow stem cell collection.

Hoggatt’s academic path began at Purdue University where he earned a BS in Pharmaceutical Science with a minor in Psychology (2005) followed by a MS in Biology from IUPUI (2006) and a PhD of Hematology from the IU School of Medicine (2010) where his doctoral dissertation won the Esther L. Kinsley award for the best at the University, across all disciplines.  Hoggatt completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Stem Cell Biology at Harvard University and went on to become an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, principal faculty of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, and undergraduate Immunology Professor where he was twice awarded the Thomas T. Hoopes Mentor Award.   While still living in Indiana, Hoggatt served as a West Lafayette Police Merit Commissioner (2006-2009) and as a West Lafayette City Councilman (2009-2011).

Hoggatt participated in a wide variety of activities at West Lafayette High School.  He was a four-sport athlete – (football, cross country, wrestling, and track & field), earned thirteen varsity letters, and several MVP awards. He was also in band, the basketball pep band, ran the lights and sound for productions in the auditorium, and was involved in student government all four high school years.

Hoggatt wrote, “It is not a secret to anyone that we were exceptionally well educated and prepared for success during our time at WLHS. My scientific background was well established with biology classes from Mr. Overly. Athletic training from Lane Custer and Steve Lewark led me to collegiate cross country and track & field at Purdue. And the leadership opportunities in student organizations led me to similar opportunities in college, city government, academia, and ultimately my career today.”