The Foundation awards teacher grants once each semester. Our commitment continues to be helping teachers provide the best educational experiences possible for the students in this community. The purpose of the grants is to help teachers meet and/or expand educational goals. The emphasis will be on experiential opportunities and/or creative ways of delivering curricular standards. Some examples may be visiting authors, poets, artists, entrepreneurs, field trips (in-person or virtual), tapping into the local history, architecture, industries, museums. These proposals may include requests for materials needed to implement the experience or delivery.

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Help fund grants for teachers in all West Side schools.

The following grants are awarded for the Spring 2024 Semester:

West Lafayette Elementary School

“Strengthening Young Readers Using Decodable Books”

$1,000 awarded for the purchase of decodable books for first grade classrooms to use during small group reading instruction.

Submitted by Rebecca Kaverman and Hali Stout

“Wood You Like to Help Us with Flexible Seating?”

$500.00 awarded for flexible seating to empower students with seating choices, increase productivity, and encourage more movement and collaboration among students.

Submitted by Jennifer Wood

West Lafayette Intermediate School

“Race to the Finish Line with Indy 500!”

$1,100.00 awarded for WLIS fourth graders to enjoy this wonderful combination of science and Indiana history. The physics of aerodynamics in building a Lego derby race car and learning the history of the 113-year-old Hoosier race will provide lots of fun and learning.

Submitted by Celeste Fernandez

“Tomatosphere: Exploring Science with Space Tomatoes!”

$450.00 awarded for WLIS fourth graders to investigate the effects that being in space has on tomato germination through Tomatosphere, an international program that distributes tomato seed packets to students in the US and Canada. It’s unique because the seed packet has spent 6 months on the International Space Station!

Submitted by Celeste Fernandez

“Shakespeare: From the RSC to WLCSC”

$100.00 awarded for the first collaboration of a student and a teacher designed to provide rising junior high students with early exposure to the works of William Shakespeare. The result will be the belief that Shakespeare IS for everyone!

Submitted by Madeline Knapp and student Shayari Shanti

“Pocketalk Translation Devices for Newcomer Students”

$1,494.00 awarded to purchase translation devices that are easy to use and will assist in communication and the acclimation of new students at WLIS. Currently, there are more than 17 languages spoken among WLIS students.

Submitted by Melissa Luebbe and Julie Bauerband

WLSEF Teacher Grants In Action

Grants from WLSEF to West Lafayette teachers have helped to support innovative and unique projects throughout our schools. West Lafayette Elementary School third grade teacher Ann Kriebel submitted a grant request titled Common Core Cooking. Combining this grant with her own resources, Mrs. Kriebel turned her classroom into a kitchen. She writes, “The project will allow me to use food and food preparation to teach all of the 3rd grade Indiana Academic Standards. My proposal levels the playing field for all of my students because everyone eats and everyone can participate in food preparation equally. Children learn best when they are engaged in experiential learning.” One student said, “Cooking in school is fun. I like cutting things up and getting my hands a little messy. My favorite thing that we’ve made so far is crumpets."

students making hoe cakes