Mindy Lokshin

Mindy Fuchs Lokshin (’80) began her professional career as a family medical doctor.  After taking some time for being a “mom,” she returned to medicine, first as a certified life coach and then working for the Social Security Disability office. All along she served on several boards in the community, helping develop strong education programs for the gifted student population as well as the music education programs in the area. In 2019, she retired from paid employment and, in 2021, founded a nonprofit to help the over 5,000 people with Parkinson’s disease in her region of Northern Nevada. During the 2023 Nevada State Legislative session, she helped introduce a bill to create a statewide research registry for neurodegenerative diseases. This passed unanimously with state funding for the program and was signed by the Governor.  Recently Fuchs Lokshin was awarded the “Woman of Achievement” by the Nevada Women’s Fund, and her nonprofit was recognized as an Extraordinary Community Group by the local PBS station.

After graduating in 1980, Fuchs Lokshin was torn between going into hard science (biophysics) or music. During high school she was very involved with music – band, orchestra and theater (usually in the pit orchestra).  She was accomplished enough on the flute to solo with the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra. She was also on The Scarlette newspaper staff.

Fuchs Lokshin attended Johns Hopkins University where she majored in biophysics while studying music at the Peabody Conservatory.  After receiving her BS in 1984, she went to the University of Arizona Medical School where she spent an extra year on an American Heart Association scholarship in order to study prostate cancer using electron microscopy, receiving her MD in 1989.  After her two-year family medicine residency at the University of Iowa, she moved to the University of Missouri to complete her residency and an academic family medicine fellowship, earning another degree: Masters of Science in Public Health.

Fuchs Lokshin wrote, “WLHS is a special place due to the small size, intense academic setting and high expectations from all of us ‘professor brats.’ We always had great conversations, ‘got’ each other and challenged each other!”