Mary Alice Arthur

Mary Alice Arthur, who graduated from Westside in 1976, is a Story Activist. She focuses on the power of stories – how they work, influence, change. She engages in the practice of using story for positive systemic shift and for focusing collective intelligence on the critical issues of our times. She says, “We live in a story – and that means we can change it.” Her art is creating and hosting spaces for wise action, where people can step in, step up, and step out powerfully together. Here’s what she says to you reading this, “No matter where life seems to be going, remember: Always hold on to your curiosity. It will take you places you never expected, keep you adaptable, build bridges to others. You will never be bored! Find joy in learning. If you keep your love of learning, you’ll gain from every moment and see even pain has gold inside it. You are in charge of your own story. Don’t let anyone else define it, decide for yourself. Your story will not look like anyone else’s. Like Rumi said: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken.’ Have courage to find your own way and tell your own story. The world needs you.”